Retreat – 2009

I had been thinking of promoting a Spring Retreat from early next year.  If I had it in Monbulk, it is quite local to me, and easier to organise.  It is catered, but it would be bunk room style.  It has quite a large hall for setting up as the sewing room.  I would also need a minimum of 25 people to attend for it to go ahead.

But what if I had several smaller retreats through out the year?  There is a new facility, that opened in August, in Lancefield – Sewjourn.  It is much cheaper, but it is self-catered.  The maximum number of guests is 10 (and that includes me!)  The studio is separate to the living quarters, and is specifically designed for needleworkers (including patchwork and quilters – the owner is one of these) and crafters.

I could even run some small classes – I have one in mind right now – a Brightneedle design that I have had for about 4 years that is a class only piece – I currently have places for 6 people, but I could always contact the designers and see if I can get another 3.

So, what do you think?  Should I go ahead and look into it for about March or April next year?  Of course, for both events, the shop would be brought along with me.  At the moment, I would be looking at around $100 – $120 per person for a self catered weekend (that includes goody bag etc, but not necessarily the kit) This is just a guess, I have not priced it out, as I thought I might get some expressions of interest first.  Let me know what you think.

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3 thoughts on “Retreat – 2009

  1. Closer to home and a relatively inexpensive weekend – sounds great to me! I’ve often talked about a stitching retreat with two of my stitching friends, but we’ve never had any information about them in time to do something. So I will be telling them about your plans for next year.

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