Almost 2 years ago, my children were wanting to get me something special for Christmas. At the time I had just started on a ‘reduce the clutter in my house’ campaign (one that has had it’s ups and downs since, but is still ongoing). I had seen a bit about the online magazine called ‘The Gift of Stitching’ and heard many rave reviews, but had not purchased a subscription myself…yet. I only expected a 12 month subscription, but received a 2 year one instead. And I have never regretted it.

Unlike many other magazines, ‘The Gift of Stitching’ does not take up even more space on my bookshelves, as, unless I am interested in a particular design or article, I have each issue saved on my computer. At $18 for 12 issues, or $30 for a 24 issues, this is excellent value. And having just received the November issue, I am extremely pleased with the investment we have made. The November issue is jam-packed with wonderful Christmas stitching! So many that I like, I cannot decide on which to do first! Oh, and a wonderful bonus – Kirsten (the editor) always includes a page that tells you what you need for each project! How fantastic is that?

For more information, click on the picture in the side bar, as this will take you straight to the website.

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