False Information

I have just returned from a quick trip to the Bayswater Spotlight store.  One of the main reasons I went there was to pick up some DMC Perle 8 cotton for a Christmas Ornament that I am doing.  As I could not find the cotton on display, I asked a staff member.  Her reply… “It is not made anymore.”  I promptly informed her that she was mistaken, as I am in the industry and so would know (I do not stock DMC cottons on principle, having lived in Europe and seeing the exorbitant prices charged there in comparison to Australia and more especially, the US).  A few other inaccurate statements were made concerning the ownership and manufacturing of DMC threads.

On arrival home, I immediately checked the DMC-USA site, followed by DMC France, and my suspicions were confirmed, DMC PERLE 8 IS STILL BEING PRODUCED!

Moral of the story – before believing anything said about our industry at the big multi-line stores (Spotlight, Walmart, Michaels etc), do a quick Google search.

Fact – Spotlight Bayswater does not carry DMC Perle 8

Fact – DMC Perle 8 IS still being produced. 

Now I need to have a good look and see if I have that particular colour in my stash.

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