Arggghhhhh – New Computers!

For some time now the family computer has been crashing on a regular basis – usually when the children are on it.  So when Mr Rudd gave us that wonderful bonus before Christmas, we decided to upgrade my computer and give the family my old Dell.  After looking around we were initially going to get a new Dell computer, but the prices on Boxing Day were much higher than we expected.  When we went looking at computers elsewhere, we ended up deciding on a Mac.  I LOVE my Mac, but there are some issues that we are still sorting through.  Such as linking our Canon laser printer to the Mac – of all the laser printers, this is the one that does not appear to be compatible with Macs!  Now I am having issues with my scanner, and I am wondering if I can transfer my version of Photoshop Elements across to my Mac from the Dell.  On top of that, I am still in the process of regaining access to various Internet accounts – including the backend of the shop (I could go through the Dell for that if I really needed to, but once I get the password I will be right)  Not all of my emails transferred across when my DH did the transfer.

So please bear with me while I learn my new computer and add the various applications that I have been using in the past to this computer.  And locate other files that I have tried to transfer across.  Oh, and also learn how to convert Mac documents into Microsoft readable documents.

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