It’s HOT!

The last two days we have been experiencing extreme heat conditions as our temperature rises to 40 – 45C each day.  Fortunately the children are now back at school, as the classrooms are all air conditioned, and they were ready to rejoin their classmates.  But the heat makes so much difficult to do.  Even thinking makes you sweat!  So I am so far behind in catching up on new items and posting out parcels for The Needlework Boutique.  However tomorrow we should have a cool change.  I am looking forward to temperatures of around 35C.

Arghh, I am listening to the radio as I type this, and the CFA is going on about Fire plans and so forth, as fires are starting up.  What can I say, Dorothea McKellar’s poem ‘My Country’ is so appropriate.

Hopefully I will be able to get back to you in the next few days.

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