Computer Upgrade

Have you ever done something totally crazy, like not just upgrading computers, but going with one with a totally different operating system?  I did that at Christmas.  I went from my Dell computer to an Apple Mac.  I absolutely love my Mac!  Everything is in the flat screen, including the disc drive, the keyboard is nice and smooth, and it is oh, so easy to manage on my desk.  BUT … Quickbooks Australia does not have a Mac compatible version, and my bookkeeper prefers Quickbooks.  So we are in the process of setting up a partition on the Mac for XP.  Of all the laser printers available, we happen to possess one that does not talk to the Mac – permanent issues there!  And now I am having issues with trying to connect the scanner to the Mac.  We have had the scanner for about 7 years, but it still works really well, but we are now faced with the dilemma, do we get a new scanner/printer (inkjet), or do we go through the headache of trying to set up the old scanner.  We have just made the decision to get a new scanner/printer.  It will fit better in the new office oncethat is finished.  So I will be out purchasing that today!

However, I do wonder if it would be easy to network the two computers, so that I can still use the laser printer to print off documents – so much easier that way!

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