Black Spur Inn

As I think I have said previously, the 2009 Retreat is being held at the Black Spur Inn in Narbethong.  Ten days ago I decided to take a trip out to Narbethong to visit the venue, just to see how good it is.  (I had heard that it is a great venue!)  I also wanted to see what the area looks like now, 6 months after our devastating fires.  I had known that the fires had come close to affecting Healesville, but I had been unaware of just how close.  So imagine my surprise and horror when less than 5 minutes out of Healesville I entered the blackend busland.  A horror that rapidly turned to wonder as i saw the amazing greenery springing to life from the tree furns and the new growth on the blackened trunks of trees.  The amazement I felt as the blackened bush gave way to the more familiar abundant growth of unharmed trees and undergrowth.

The Black Spur Inn is located in a lake of traquility, a place of beauty, of calm.  It is a place that I am looking forward to going to, to spend a carefree weekend with a bunch of lovely, friendly ladies and our needles and thread.  (Just be aware that this is truly a lake of calm and peace – the fire came up to their back fence.)

Join us in October for a weekend of stitching and comaraderie.  For more information visit The Needlework Boutique.

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