Girl’s Weekend

As I frantically prepare for our church’s Girl’s Weekend I discovered that my first priority was what cross stitch to take with me.  Should I take “Neighborhood”?  Or should I take the Lizzie Kate Double Flips that I started on New Year’s Day?  Or should I take a new project, Hand to Work’s “Ellen Myerscough”?  In the end I decided to take both the Little House Needlework and the Hand to Work projects.  So I made sure that my needlework was all packed – charts, fabrics(couple of choices for “Ellen Myerscough”, threads, needles, spare needles, scissors, hoop.  I also put in my crochet that I started just after the Craft and Quilt Fair.

I then started planning the food stuffs I was taking with me – rice crackers and dip, wine, chocolate, bubbly, breakfast, wine, chips, wine.  Finally I could think of the clothes.  They are packed.

As I was packing, I could not help thinking of our Stitcher’s Retreat, being held in October at the Black Spur Inn.  (Have you booked in yet…be quick, there are only a few more days for the Early Bird Prices.)  I am sure that my planning will be along similar lines, with one addition – will the clothes fit in the car around the shop?  Thank goodness the  bedding will be provided.

So I am off for the weekend.  No kids, no hubby … but I will still have to see to my own meals, look after my own room, do my own dishes, and if I am not quick enough, clean a toilet or shower!  And sadly, although there will be a lot of crafters along, there will probably be no others doing cross stitch or embroidery.

See you Monday.

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