10 Years!

Birthday Cake10 years ago on Monday, we welcomed, with great relief, our darling little girl.  Great relief because at 22 weeks I had ended up in Intensive Care with pneumonia.  For all intents and purposes my baby girl was healthy.  Through out the last 10 years our girl has given us much joy, but also much angst.  You see, our beautiful little girl is blessed High Functioning Autism.  So for us, the Sleepover party that she had on Saturday night was a fantastic experience with 4 of her friends joining her in the celebration of this birthday.  Despite getting to sleep at 4:30am, it was a great party with loads of movies, a treasure hunt and wonderful party food (even if I do say so myself!)  At 10am on Sunday morning I handed back 4 little girls to their parents, suitably tired and suitable wired from too much sugar and too little sleep.  But what are parties for?

Happy Birthday Baby.  I love you.

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One thought on “10 Years!

  1. Congratulations! Sounds like you had a nice party. And having one with the likes of her is even better! She did it, didn’t she? How is she doing, and the rest? Love to hear from you!

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