Season 2009

The AFL season is now over.  For me, it ended a week ago, when my beloved Western Bulldogs were beaten in the Semi Final against St Kilda. Out of the 4 teams to reach that round, only the Bulldogs and the Saints had previously won only one Grand Final.  I would have loved to have seen them meet in this year’s Grand Final.  But it wasn’t to be.  We lost by only a few points.

So, yesterday I was hoping the Saints would break their drought and win the flag against the Cats.  Well, we have one happy family member here today – my son barracks for the Cats, and they won yesterday.  But in the cold and the wet (Melbourne has had it’s first month of above average rainfall this year!), it was a close game, with a lot of missed chances and bad kicks of the football(it was wet and heavy).

Congratulations to the Geelong Cats and their supporters.

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