Home again…

Back from our trip to Ballarat.  Had a last minute change of plans while there, as I received a phone call offering me a part time teaching position at a local Secondary School starting today!  So instead of spending 2 nights in Ballarat, my daughter and I came home last night, arriving home around 11:30pm!

The girls in our Calisthenics’ team did quite well.  We only got one Highly Commended, but the girls all put in their best effort, with every item being much better than their previous appearances.  DD dropped a club during the clubs routine, and was praised by the adjudicator for her poise in picking up the club and continuing on with the routine.  I was so proud of her – after the initial gasp!  She has never dropped a club before.

In the last few posts I have been talking about what I was going to take to Ballarat with me in the way of stitching.  Well Ida Mae did come along, and she is no longer blank fabric with full skeins of silk.  I was able to place a few stitches in, but that is all I could do.  I realised once I was able to stitch that I should have packed my travel Daylight lamp, as the lighting in the hotel room was appalling.

Have you booked for our retreat yet?  Even though I believe the lighting is much better at the Black Spur Inn, you might like to bring along your own Daylight lamp.  (After this weekend, mine is always going away with me from now on!)

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2 thoughts on “Home again…

  1. Congratulations on your new job! What is it you will do and is it permanently?
    Good for your DD she managed to continue! That must have been a great effort, not to get stuck in what happened but keep continuing…
    I hope you will give us a picture of your Ida May soon!

  2. Oh Bernadette, I am so disappointed. I wanted to attend this retreat so much, never having been on one before, but two weeks ago I smashed my car, and it has been in for repairs ever since. Luckily I’m insured, but the excess I have to pay is $500, so I’m afraid that wipes out the cost of the retreat and more…
    I do hope you have enough people attend to make it worthwhile.
    PS I guess you have seen my finished version of the Stretching Cat I bought from you at the last Stitches and Craft Show??

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