October 2009 Goals

As I make the final preparations for DD1 and I to go to Ballarat for her Calisthenics Competition (the last one for her for this year!), I thought it was time for me to list my goals for this month. One of my goals this month is to blog everyday… well, almost every day, as we will be in Ballarat until Tuesday morning now. So far, so good!

Stitching goals for October:
1. Stitch every day for at least one hour. (ok, so Friday that did not happen!)
2. Complete Little House Needlework’s “Little House Neighborhood” (almost finished the last house, but it will remain home tonight.)
3. Stitch The Goode Huswife’s “Ida Mae Crow” (coming with me to Ballarat)
4. Stitch Hands to Work’s “Ellen Myerscough” sampler. (Also coming to Ballarat with me.)
5. Start another Lizzie*Kate – probably ABC Lessons

That is more than enough for this month. Some days I should be able to stitch for longer than 1 hour, but the goal is 1 hour per day – oh, and unless we finish early tomorrow, I don’t think I will get any done then either – the comp is from 10am to 10pm! Long day for all the girls, but especially one with special needs.

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