End of Year

The Grade 6 graduation was beautiful on Monday night. A looked so gorgeous, dressed in his dress pants and new(ish) white polo shirt. After the celebration, the children got to have a sit down dinner provided by the mums and dads of the Grade 6 children. Imagine, if you will, around 30 or so kids with the school teachers and assistants, sitting down to a meal of salad and chicken. It was noisy but exciting for the children. I helped in the kitchen on dish washing duty. Whew – all those plates! We had to leave early, because DH and I were sending A home with his Grandparents – we both needed to work for the rest of the week and A had the rest of the week off! DH has now gone to pick A up.

Tuesday was not a good day. I must have eaten something that was offish on Monday, probably the left over salad in the fridge, because Tuesday I was sooooo sick! I spent the day either in the toilet or in bed.

Last night it was off to the social for work. That was another fun night. And today, it is back to updating the website … still!

Till Next Time…

PS. Sorry for the lack of photos, but I have a policy of never showing photos of my family on the blog, and I forgot to take a photo of the set up in the hall for the dinner the other night.

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