Sewing Room Makeover – Before

sewingroom1 Warning – Long post ahead!

Whoops.  Sorry about the flash!  I have been trying to sort my embroidery and cross stitch and quilting things into an operational sewing room ever since we moved here 4 1/2 years ago. I started in the house, in the smallest of the 4 bedrooms while we decided what to do with the largest.  It was not ideal, as the home office was in the same room.  I then moved it up to the bungalow, but again, I have never been able to sort it out to my satisfaction, especially as I wanted to keep the spare Queen sized bed set up for guests, even though we have a good sofa bed (bought years ago from Ikea) also in the bungalow.  The other main room in the bungalow has long been set aside for The Needlework Boutique.  Our cast off furniture has found its way into the bungalow, and I have struggled with having the bungalow looking the way I wanted it.  Well, after the last visit from my Best Friend’s husband (he stays with us about every second month for a night or two when he is over here for a business meeting.), when he could not access the bed without moving my JUNK off it onto the floor, and then had to carefully negotiate his way around the said JUNK, I decided that enough was enough.

sewingroom2 This picture shows the the view from the door, straight to the wardrobes.  The two brown cardboard boxes next to the window contain my books and papers and things from when I was teaching 12 years ago.  These now need to be sorted, and those that can be retained need to be moved into the office in the house.  The wardrobe is fitted, but there are two individual parts, one of which can be reused in my youngest daughter’s bedroom, finally giving her hanging space and shelves.  That mess in front of the mirror – took me 3 trips to remove it – yes, that little pile on the floor.

To the right of the door is some Ivar drawers and an Ivar cupboard that I have had painted in white in the last year or so.  You can’t get at them, because of the junk that was moved from the bed onto the floor.  Poor J had to CAREFULLY remove a quilt that is pinned ready to be quilted!  OUCH!  Yesterday I removed all the JUNK (except for the Ivar cupboard and drawer units – too heavy!) from this room and placed it in the front room, ready to be sorted when I have painted this room.  I will be filling the wardrobe area with the Ivar units and shelves, in the hope that I will be able to CAREFULLY organise all the contents of my sewing room.sewingroom3

The shelves in the picture to the left of this post are the only things that will remain unchanged.  The cupboards underneath will go into the cupboard area, the sofa bed will replace the regular bed and a new sewing table will be located beneath these shelves with my sewing machine set up on it.  The walls will be white and there will be new blinds on the windows – ones that fit the window properly!  I am thinking of timber slats, to help insulate the room, while keeping the light out when no one is in there.  I am also seriously considering replacing the light fitting with a chandelier.

I am hoping that DH will have finished pulling out the innards of the wardrobe by tomorrow (but we are experiencing 35C heat at the moment) so I can get it painted by the end of the (very busy) weekend.  I would really love to be in the “styling”  phase by the time DH goes back to work on the 11th January.

Until next time….

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    1. Yes, it does. We are having very pleasant weather at the moment, though that is likely to change come the weekend – high 30’s!

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