So often I hear from various people that they have enough needlework for their walls. But is that all you can do with your needlework. Friday Finishing is where I will be looking at different finishing ideas. Sometimes I will be able to include the pictures, especially if I have had a go at the finishing technique, other times I will just give you a link to a fantastic technique.

Summer Basket by Blackbird Designs
The most common form of finishing is to use a frame. Most people choose to have their needlework professionally framed, but not all framers are equal. Too often I hear of people getting their needlework back from the framer and being disappointed. I am very fortunate in that my framer in Bayswater approaches the framing of needlework with extreme care, making sure that he has each side even and straight. Whilst he does not lace the work, he is very careful to only use conservation appropriate materials. Sticky board is NEVER used.

When looking for a framer, ask some careful questions. What do they use to mount the needlework on? What quality of materials are used? How do they go about mounting the needlework?

When displaying your framed needlework, why not consider grouping pieces on the wall? Or having a theme, that you regularly change. There is always room for more framed pieces on the wall!

The chart and threads for Summer Basket by Blackbird Designs are available from The Needlework Boutique

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