Haiti Disaster Relief

Almost 12 months ago, the world came to our aid following the worst bushfire tragedy that we have ever experienced. The generosity of so many, especially from countries with so little is something that I, as a Victorian, will always be grateful for. It does not matter if we are a rich country, or a poor country, we are all susceptible to the vagaries of the natural world.

It was with horror that I heard about the earthquake this week in Haiti. Previous earthquakes have not had this effect of me. But this one, being so devastating, has me wanting to do something to help. But what can I do to help?

Last year I started what I hope will become a tradition for The Needlework Boutique. 10% of sales on a particular day went to the Fire Relief Fund. I have already checked the International Red Cross Site, and found the donate button. With your help, I want to be able to donate a significant amount by Monday, Jan 18, 2010. So with this in mind, on Sunday Jan 17, 2010, from 12.01am to 12midnight we will be donating 10% of all sales to the Red Cross Haiti Disaster Relief fund.

Help me help others.

The website is www.needleworkboutique.com.au

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