Sewing Room Makeover – Part 3

Sewing Room - Painted Wardrobe v rest of room

The picture to the left shows you the difference between the wardrobe and the rest of the room after painting.  The rest of the room is painted in a pale custard colour.  It is a warm colour, but I can’t stand it!  The main living area of our house is even worse!  The custard colour is darker!  After finishing the painting of the wardrobe on Tuesday, I had DH remove the spare bed.  It is now in pieces throughout the bungalow!  This was so that I could put the painted Ivar shelves into the wardrobe along with the drawers and cupboard.

Painted Ivar

The drawers caused quite a few headaches, as they are full of fabric and needlework charts and kits, and so were VERY heavy!  The cupboard, just by it’s sheer size, is heavy and awkward!  Each of the 3 parts took the two of us to move!  Which is why I wanted the bed out of the way first.  The cloth that you can see in the wardrobe part of this cupboard is actually a cover for a couch.  As the sofa bed is rather worn, and not worth recovering, I will be using this cover over the couch while it is used as a couch, then it can be folded up and put in this cupboard when the couch is being used as a bed.  The shelves in this part of the cupboard are for the sheets and guest stuff, so that I can make sure my guests have a welcoming room when they come to stay.  Looking at the Ivar shelves I am nervous as to whether I have enough space for my JUNK.  The gap between the Ivar and the wardrobe part is very useful, as I can store my cutting boards and small ironing board in here.  But doesn’t the wall look good?

Sewing Room - before

You can see in the third picture just how much there is still to go.  Today I will be washing the rest of the walls before painting them in the same white that I have painted the wardrobe.  Once I have finished, I will hopefully be able to put the mirrored doors back on the wardrobe.  We will be emptying the shelves that are attached to the wall, before removing the actual shelves.  The supports will stay in place while I paint around them – I am not sure of how they are attached, and neither is DH! LOL!

And finally, look what I found while moving the Ivar…

Spare Frame pieces

That’s right.  The spare Lokscrolls that were mentioned in this post.  Woo Hoo!

Off to more painting…

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4 thoughts on “Sewing Room Makeover – Part 3

  1. I hope you still have an IKEA to go to, so you can expend your cupboard if necessary! Tell me, did it all fit in? The lighter walls do look a whole lot better!

    1. We still have an Ikea, it is just harder to get to. I used to be able to ride my bike to the one in Delft. LOL. I am still trying to put everything away. I still have a lot of space, but it is putting it away ORGANISED that is the problem. LOL!

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