Sewing Room Makeover – Part 4

Last weekend I was able to get back into the sewing room to continue with the makeover. My first job was to pack away all of my stash into the wardrobe. Initially looking at the wardrobe and the stash, I was quite concerned, but then I realised that most of it had come from a poorly designed cupboard (great for clothes, but not for storing needlework stash). After about 2 hours, this is what the wardrobe looked like…

Sewing Room Cupboard

As you can see, the floor is still a mess, but I have been able to fit loads into the wardrobe section  The bags hanging off the shelving unit wont be able to stay there because they get in the way of the sliding doors.  All of my Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines fit very nicely on the shelf above the fabric drawers.  Not only is there fabric in those drawers, but also patterns for quilts, charts, and more.

Sewing Table

The sewing table is currently covered in junk that still needs to be put away.  Initially I had planned on a new sewing table made of a laminated desk top from Ikea, but when I was looking for something for immediate use, I decided to use the desk that I have had for years, along with the the ‘legs’ that I had originally bought for it.  The benefit of this table is that I can adjust the size so that when I am doing loads of cutting, I can raise the table to the right height, then lower it all the way for using the sewing machine.

The sampler that you can see sitting on the table was one that was sold to me as an antique.  It is not.  We estimate that it was stitched in the 1950’s.  It is a Dutch sampler.  I was SO proud of it when I bought it, but when I found out it’s true age, I have never been able to look at it the same.  So it has lived out here in the bungalow for the last 4 years.

You can see the “headboard” part of the bed that used to live in here.  Can you also see why I don’t want the bed in here anymore?  There is no way that I can use my sewing maching at the desk.

Sewing Table - now

A little later on, I was able to put the junk that was on the table away, so now you can see the desk as it looked on Sunday night.

In the first picture, you can see a rather large box.  There were actually 2 large boxes in this room, containing all sorts of junk that needed to be cleaned out.  I was able to completely empty one of the boxes.  The contents were left overs from when I was teaching 13 years ago.  As much of this is very outdated, I threw it all out, retaining only a few files.  Now to finish sorting the office so that I can put these away properly, but I will do that once I finish in the bungalow.

I really do like the way this room is starting to shape up.  I still have one more wall to paint.  Hopefully that will get done next weekend.

Until next time…

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