Remembering …

and moving on.

Today is a day of national rememberance. We remember with sadness Black Saturday, Feb 7, 2009. For me, it is remembering the concern I felt as I drove through the Dandenong Ranges to Warburton, as I was doing the Outer Eastern Fabric Frolic. It is remembering seeing the CFA 4 wheel drive with lights flashing behind me and praying the road ahead was open, then breathing a sigh of relief when the vehicle went left, maybe towards Calignee. (spelling?) It is the certain knowledge I had that my Brother in Law and his sons would be out fighting the fires around Wandong, and later the knowledge that their house was endangered (they lost their outbuildings, but the house was saved.) It is the terror I felt as I turned into the road towards my home, following the The Basin fire truck around the corner, repeatedly saying “keep going, keep going” and breathing a sigh of relief when it did – coming to the fire only 5mins down the road. (We were lucky, that was an insignificant Black Saturday fire, that could easily have been so much worse!)

It is remembering with sadness those who did not make it, and thinking about those who did, but lost everything.

Today is also a day for looking forward. While there is still so much more to do – 1000’s of homes were lost that day, as were many public buildings – people are moving into their new homes. The land is regenerating, and thank God we have not had the dreadful weather of last summer.

Yes, it is now a time to look forward.

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