Home Again

We arrived home from our yearly trip to Adelaide. Having read online that the Green Lake had had water in it last year, I was hoping that we would have a surprise to show the kids on the way over, and some updated photos to show you, but no joy. The lake is still a sea of grass and sand.

After leaving early in the morning and traveling all day, we arrived in time for dinner. On Friday we had our annual Easter picnic with H’s family, including her parents and in-laws. We usually go to a park somewhere within an hour or so of their house. This year we went to a delightful park around the corner from where J grew up. Of course I forgot to take the camera! We had a very enjoyable, relaxing picnic. Usually our weekend in Adelaide is full on, with one trip after the other, but as H was going away straight after Easter, we decided to spend Saturday at home, before going to Moana and the beach on Sunday. Again, I forgot to take the camera. H and I went for a long walk along the beach while the guys went swimming with the children.

Monday we packed up our things ready to head on to our other friends, who also live in Adelaide. We had an enjoyable evening there, before coming back to Melbourne yesterday.

We woke up yesterday morning to thunder and pouring rain. Adelaide had gotten about 40mm of rain in a short period of time, the most it has had for months. We repacked the car in between showers, before heading off towards Melbourne and more rain. It rained almost non-stop between Adelaide and Horsham, and then caught up with us again as we got back to Melbourne. All in all, it was another great weekend away.

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