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The Trilogy - Momma Bette

Phew. Just spent quite a bit of time today on the update of the products on the website. Among others was The Trilogy’s Momma Bette. As I have chosen to use Bette as my online nickname, when I saw this design, I could not resist it. And of course, Bette has been added to my ever expanding to do list.

There is a bit of a story behind me using Bette as my online moniker. When my brother was very young, he couldn’t say Bernadette. Instead I was Bernabette. I don’t know about you, but I think long names are a pain to type in, so, 5 years ago, when I decided to shorten my name online, I chose Bette. Thanks baby brother.

You can find Momma Bette, along with Neighbor RAY and Sissy over at The Needlework Boutique

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