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as it is today.  As you would be aware, I started redecorating the studio at the end of January.  In a short time, I got quite a bit done, but I still have not finished painting the window wall. I had thought that by attending My Desert Cottage’s Studio Party, I would get the room finished, but other than the painting, I came to the realisation that anything I added now would not add the ambiance I wanted to the room, being contrived.  So I decided that I would show you where I am at now.  In 6 months, we may have a different picture, as I finish painting the bungalow and sorting through the rest of the junk.

As you walk down the hallway, you can see the small decorator table sitting in front of the window.  The little jug and bowl sitting on the table was a gift from my best friend 20 years ago when we both lived in Bendigo and worked at the Base Hospital there.  The vase came back from The Netherlands with us 5 years ago and I bought the Shaker carrier to go with a cross stitch design that I am yet to stitch when I attended A Sampler Gathering in Plymouth Massachusetts in either 2002 or 2004.  At the back of the room is a wall of wardrobes with mirrored sliding doors.  This is where I have put my painted Ivar shelves from Ikea for my stash.  Most of the stash is safely housed here.  I usually keep these doors closed.  Behind the decorator table is a bamboo blind that is in place to provide some privacy for the main house from when the previous owners rented the bungalow to one of their daughters.

Opposite the small round table is the sofa bed.  We bought this at Ikea in Delft about 10 years ago and by all accounts it is still very comfortable to sleep on.  As my best friend’s DH comes over for business every month or so, we need to have abed for him, and this is the best option.  The fabric on the couch is now rather worn and is starting to tear in places, so I have covered it with the couch throw.  The quilt on the bed is also from Ikea, and is usually enough for during the summer, but we need more blanketing for the winter months.  Another time I will show two cushions that are on the sofa in more detail.  They have both been cross stitched by me.  I love my Yazzii bags and have two or three others besides the one you see sitting on the back of the couch.  At the moment, this one is being used to house the fabrics and other materials needed for Leanne Beasley’s Down in the Garden block of the month.

And now we are looking at the sewing table.  Tomorrow I will have some pictures up to show you what it looked like last weekend, but I have now returned it to the use I had envisioned.  At the back is my trusty Janome sewing machine.  I recently had it in being serviced, so when I go to Sit and Sew on Monday night, I will take it in the amber sewing trolley that you may just see under the table.  The table is a desk top sitting on trestle legs that we bought at Ikea for our main computer desk.    I have covered two sets of little wooden drawers with fabric after painting them country white.  I just have tow more sets to do.  The heart hanging from the drawer handle I picked up in The Netherlands from a lovely lady who made all of these sorts of things and used to sell them at The Border in Den Haag.

Currently on the table, in front of my machine, is the folder and materials that I am using for “Down in the Garden”  I am using the Rural Jardin range from the French General.  The trouble I had to get the jelly roll and the layer cake had to be seen to be believed.  I ended up going to the AQC in April.  Not a pleasant experience – I prefer to be on the selling side of the aisle at these things. LOL.

Above the sewing table are these shelves.  In the baskets and the tins are various threads – Weeks Dye Works, Sampler Threads, Silk n Colors and so forth.  The two ceramic dolls I have had since I was a child.  I did not want them in the house anymore, but I did not want to dispose of them.  I felt that this was an excellent place for them to be.  The bunny softy was from an exchange I participated in a few years ago.  I love it.  The girls have both tried to claim it, but it is mine and it lives in my studio in it pride of place.  So what do you think?

(PS Sorry for the long post.)

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13 thoughts on “The Studio…

  1. It’s nice to see such a functional room. Well thought out, and very nicely done. I have no IKEA within a thousand miles of me, so you are really blessed. Thanks for sharing this really organized and functional space.

    1. I am very lucky, but most of the Ikea items came from when we lived in The Netherlands and the pilot store was in our city of Delft. Here in Melbourne, I have to travel into the inner suburbs, so don’t get there as often.

  2. It looks like you are off to a good start. I love those drawer fronts on the shelf. Good luck with your project. You are sure to get a lot of ideas and inspiration from all the Where Bloggers Create participants. I know I sure have!

  3. Your studio is looking great. To reply to your comment on my blog, yes the little sampler that I finished was the one that I began at the retreat. Did the last retreat go ahead, was there much interest? Sorry I couldn’t make it life has been crazy for us. I hope that you and your family are well, take care.

  4. thanks for sharing your room. I love the shelves.
    My room has been a work in progress for a long time. Sometimes I think organizing and sorting through things is as much fun as a real project.

  5. Hey girlie, love all your stuff. I have a special place in my heart for needle work because it is the first thing my grandma showed me how to make and after all this time, it has stuck with me. Thanks for sharing your studio and your art on your blog.

  6. Thank you for sharing your studio. I am always amazed at how much more we are alike than different as craft people and artists. I used to do cross stitch and embroidery too and still have all my supplies. It is something I took a lot of pleasure in and who knows I may return to it in the future.

  7. How wonderful to be able to decorate your own space to be creative in. I love what you did with the shelf and three drawers, so cottage looking. don’t you think that reorganizing and decorating our spots is a work in progress thing?
    Thanks a bunch for the tour.

    1. Oh, it most definitely is a work in progress, especially as I often have to move things out of the way so that I can set up the sofa bed. In about a month, I am going to have to dismantle the desk area as we will be having a guest for about a week who will need access to the wardrobe. So when I get the room back, I have no doubt that the desk area will be set up differently. I also have a heap of books and folders to fit in here.

  8. I must say you have alot in a small space, well organized and all. Love the shelve drawers, that is a very handy place to store things.

  9. Thank you for sharing your space! Your needlework is beautiful. I am new to the blog world but am having so much fun so far. Craft people are awesome. I think I am going to go check out the sorority sisters blog club now. Thanks~ Sherry w/Scrapping With Sherry

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