Sunday Sewing Basket

A long time ago, I started this category. In the last 6 months in particular, it has rarely been used. Which shows how much stitching I am getting done. Doesn’t help when a mistake is made and not located until hours of stitching later!

Several weeks ago, I went to my monthly guild guidance group gathering, where I spent around 2 hours stitching the border for Ellen Myerscough. Just at cuppa time, I reached the 4th corner…

Ellen Myerscough, early June

…only to discover that I had made a mistake somewhere in border – it didn’t meet!

One stitch too far!

Argh! time to take it out. At first I thought I only needed to go as far as the previous corner, but after much examination, realised that I needed to return to near where I had started that evening – at the 2nd corner! So back I went, cursing every stitch of the way.

Somewhere in here is a mistake!

But I was very careful as I removed the thread and was able to reuse it. I took Ellen with me to my regular Sit and Sew at Mrs Martin’s Quilt Shop and worked on the border some more there, but still did not get back to where I had been before. Last week I picked her up again and got started on the alphabet, knowing that there is still a mistake in the border somewhere … okay, so there are two mistakes in the top border, but enough is enough! They can stay there! They don’t affect the layout of the centre, not like the original mistakes that I had found. So last night, before I started stitching, this is where I was up to…

3rd July, 2010

Sorry for the blurred image – I took the last photo on my iPhone, and as it is brand new, am still getting used to all of it’s little idiosyncrasies. (am already doing more with it than I ever did with my N95, which I absolutely LOVED – but I love my iPhone more!)

More stitching to do tonight – the Tour de France has started, and the Craft and Quilt Fair is less than a month away!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Sewing Basket

  1. I loved your story about the mistake in the border; I nearly always end up with mistakes in my samplers too. Someimes I try and redo them, but sometimes its too late and I have to leave them in: once I didn’t discover that I’d failed to finish a little border until the sampler was already framed and hanging on my bedroom wall. Living with a mistake that no-one else will evr notice is always very good therapy for us sewing perfectionists! However I always think about the Amish when I make a mistake, because I remember that they put a mistake in everything they make because ‘only God is perfect’! I am enjoying your blog.

    1. Thank you – it is so frustrating when not only are you stitching something for yourself, but it is also going to be a shop model, which puts you on a deadline and then you make mistakes! Oh well, it is not something that will totally affect the end piece.

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