Thanks to the wonderful blog over at Pintangle, I am often informed of what is happening in the textile world.  Today I read about this exhibition, happening in the States.  How I wish I could go along to attend.  When I first moved to Europe in 1997, I was stitching a Mirabilia or Lavender and Lace birth sampler for my son, and dreaming of stitching a Teresa Wentzler one day.  Well, the sampler is finished, and I am still dreaming of doing a TW, but not long afterwards, I was introduced to the amazing world of historic needlework, in particular samplers.  My love of this style of needlework was not immediate, but with repeated exposure to samplers, through the Merkwaardig exhibition in 1998, and my close association with my good friends Candy and Annemiek, this slowly changed.  Over the following years I regularly indulged in my love of historic needlework, attending several Sampler Gatherings and wishing I could attend other such wonderful events.  Although I have loved being home for the last 5 years, the one thing I have missed is the opportunity to continue to indulge.  So it was with great sadness that I read about the exhibition, wishing that I could afford the trip, both financially and time wise, to the States, especially to Connecticut, one of my favourite areas of the US.  Oh well.  I hope that many other sampler lovers are able to attend, and pass on their reports through the various avenues available to us on the net.

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