Generally I try to keep my posts themed around needlework or family stuff, but today I decided to write a post about something that has concerned me for far too long – cleaning my make up brushes.  You see, I was never sure about how to clean my make up brushes, so they were left to gather more excess makeup, more skin cells and grow more bacteria.  Today I had finally had enough and googled “how to clean makeup brushes”.  It was dead simple!  I just took my brushes, put a little bit of shampoo in my cupped left hand, load the brush with the shampoo and lathered it up on my hand.  I then rinsed out the suds.  Naturally, not all of the old makeup is removed on the first wash, so I repeated the process until the water ran clear!  Voila – 15 minutes later and all my brushes were clean.  But that time led me to think about something else.  You see, I used to do parties for the direct selling company Nutrimetics.  This basic information was never passed on to me! (and most of my friends don’t wear makeup, my mother wears little makeup, so I had no one to learn from!)  Now, wouldn’t it be a good idea for Nutrimetics, Mary Kay, Avon and other direct selling companies to encourage their consultants to keep blogs where this sort of good advice is readily accessible?  Like Imogen at Inside Out Style does with dressing stylishly!  Maybe there are some who do, but then why was the first item in my google search for ehow and not a blog?

Now back to google to see if I can find a solution for the algae that grows in bathroom pipes due to the damp, nutrient rich environment.

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