Stitching Fun

Over the past week, I have been reorganising my sewing room again.  It just wasn’t working!  Not when it had to double as a spare bedroom every two months.  Although it is not finished yet, by the time our friend comes to stay next time, it will be – in time for me to participate in the next studio tour – I hope!

But as a result of this tidying up, I have had to go through some of my stash.  Among my finds was a small christmas motif I bought 20 years ago!  Yep – that is right, I have had this small item in my stash for 20 years.  So my challenge is to have it finished by Christmas ready to put on the tree.  This wil be interesting, as I have been struggling with a really sore shoulder for the past 3 months, and it has recently worsened.

Anyway, this is where I am up to …Cat Motif

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One thought on “Stitching Fun

  1. Better be careful with your shoulder, not being able to stitch in the future would be even worse!
    Enjoy Christmas days! Would love to hear personally how you all are doing, hope you will find time to write an e-mail!

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