They are here…

Woohoo! The school holidays have arrived! Time for celebrations, for family and for needlework. Over the next 5 weeks I have a number of challenges to meet – get my sewing room sorted – again! Finish Ellen Myerscough, do some more on Down in the Garden(I really need to take some pictures so I can put them up here.), and make some simple 10cm x 10cm pin cushions. I want to make a few because theymwill be serving as class examples. I am teaching sewing in 2011! Yikes! What a scary thought – Year 8 maths, science, textiles, Year 11 maths and Year 12 maths. Think that will keep me out of trouble for 2011?

Oh and don’t forget The Needlework Boutique! I have so many new products to put on the site, it is frightening!

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