31 Days of UFO’s and WIP’s – Days 1 – 4

Sunday, after declaring that I was going to do three posts, I instead went up to the sewing room and started working on a project that had been waiting for me to start for the last 4 or so years.  It is just a large project bag.  Since then we have been busy doing family stuff.  So here are the first 4 days of WIPs and UFOs.

Day 1.

Little House Needleworks – Neighbourhood

Neighbourhood - Jan 1 2011First started in 2008, I worked solidly on Neighbourhood for quite a while, eventually getting bored and moving on to something else before planning to come back to it.  Well, I finally did come back to it – Sunday 2nd Jan 2011!  LOL.  My current goal is to have this one finished by the end of January.  Only one problem – I appear to have raided the thread box at one stage and 2 skeins of thread are missing.  So I will have to look in the master box to see if I had placed them there.

Day 2

Shepherd’s Bush – Sophie’s Roses

Shepherd's Bush - Sophie's RosesSorry for the slightly blurred picture.  Originally started more than 5 years ago, while we were still living in The Netherlands, I think that I last picked up Sophie about 3 years ago while my younger DD was being tested for fructose intolerance (which she has!).  This is the other UFO that I want to have finished by the end of January.

Day 3

Lavender and Lace – The Wedding

Lavender and Lace - The WeddingFollowing the announcement of their engagement, I started stitching The Wedding for my Brother in Law and Sister in Law in August 1998.  I actually got quite a lot done before I had to put it down due to very sore hands.  That was the last time I stitched on this beautiful design.  My goal is to have it completed this year!

Day 4

Rosalie Quinlan’s Down in the Garden

For a change in pace, now we have the first of the quilt projects that I am working on.

Unlike my previous 3 projects, this project is actually a WIP.  I have been slowly working on the embroidery in the first block over the past 2 months.  I have put it aside for the time being while I do some cross stitching, but I will no doubt take it to school with me in the new school year, as it is a wonderful project to work on without having to concentrate too much.  I am trying to use some of the other parts of photoshop, and this is my first attempt at collage.  The top left picture is of the embroidery that i have done in the first block, the bottom left photo is the entire first block, and then the 3rd picture is of the sewn, but not embroidered 2nd block.  I may even get some more blocks sewn together in the next few weeks.

Back to my sewing room and Oma’s Project Bag…

Until next time –

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2 thoughts on “31 Days of UFO’s and WIP’s – Days 1 – 4

    1. I know! Imagine my thoughts when I came across it! I knew I had it there, but I had not looked at it in so long, I was actually quite surprised at how much I had done and how much was left to do! It must be finished by the end of 2011!

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