31 Days of UFOs and WIPs – Days 22 – 24

Yikes – I am behind again!  I just get to catch up point, then get well behind again!  It does not help that this week I have been dealing with the after effects of trying to get my right ar moving properly again after my cortisone injection into my shoulder earlier in the month, spending Tuesday here, there and everywhere, including going to my parents for the night when we dropped off my oldest daughter for a few days with her grandparents.  And then there is the the fact that school goes back next week and I want to be at least a chapter ahead of my Year 12 Further Maths kids (Bivariate Data is soooo boring!)

But enough excuses…

I sometimes wonder why I choose not to do many classes any more, and on Wednesday, when I was going through one of my WIPs/UFOs boxes, I confirmed what I already knew – I start the project, but for one reason or another put off completing it, and today I will be focussing on several of the classes that I have attended.  Today is about London…

Day 22…

For many years Susan from Hanging by a Thread in London has been hosting classes taught by CA Wells.  After seeing some of CA’s wonderful designs at A Sampler Gathering, and knowing that the cost of her classes, plus airfare (~E500) plus accommodation, other class and activity choices would not be possible, I decided to attend a class in London.  Now I could use all the excuses in the world – 2 young children, very busy life etc, etc, etc, and I did, but the reality was that I kept procrastinating over my homework, so went to London with the pre stitching barely started.  As a result, I was still doing the stitching, while everyone else was doing the putting together.  I went to London for a 2 day class – I wanted to make sure that I got value for the money I spent on travel and accommodation, so I did both projects that were offered at that time.  I cannot remember which year it was – maybe if Susan is reading this she will remember,  but I do know that it was more than 6 years ago!

The first project is this sweet stitcher’s etui.  As you can see, I have just about finished stitching the band.  I still need to complete both sides and I think there is even more stitching to be completed before I can attempt to put this together.  I really need to have a refresher on the stitch that CA used to put it together.

CA Wells - A Stitcher's Etui

Day 23.

I cannot recall, but I think that the etui was the first project we worked on over the weekend, then on the Sunday we were to work on putting together a thimble case.  CA had specifically designed the case for her London trip.

CA Wells - Thimble Case

Day 24

Although not strictly a London class for me, Lauren Sauer has often taught classes for Susan, so I am including this project in today’s post.  Lauren has been designing under the name of Forget Me Nots in Stitches for many years.  She does the most gorgeous samplers and needlework smalls.  I first had the pleasure of meeting Lauren in Plymouth Massachusetts in April 2002.  At the time I only did two classes, both with Catherine Theron.  When I returned to A Sampler Gathering 2 years later, one of the classes that I booked was with Lauren.  I cannot recall the name of the design, but it was a small Nantucket candy basket filled with the most adorable smalls.  I started stitching the lip balm cover, fully intending to finish it by the end of the year, so stitched the date – 2004 – on it.  I think I will stitch the year that I finish this on the final piece!  I also started the outline of a second piece from this set, but would need to study the chart to work out which one it is.

Lauren Sauer Basket

So there is the final project for this posting.  Tomorrow I think I will focus on quilting.

Talk to you soon,

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