31 Days of UFOs and WIPs – Days 25-27

Well we are fast approaching the end of the month of UFOs and WIPs.  Only 4 more days to focus on after this post. So let’s continue with the catch up.  today is about Patchwork and Quilting.

Day 25

Remember when Thimbleberries was all the rage?  I absolutely loved the Thimbleberries fabrics, and have quite a few of her books and patterns, including her block of the month – A Quilter’s Garden.  This particular project is another reminder of why I am reluctant to do something, in this case BOM’s.  I bought all the parts of the BOM, but only ever got as far as cutting the fabric for block 1 and completing some of the small squares that make up the larger block.  I seem to suffer from a fear of the unknown, and unless I am in a class, will often not do anything on the project later.  So this sampler quilt is very high on my list of things to complete this year…

Thimbleberries - A Quilter's Garden

Day 26

For the last 3 years, I have been attending the Quilt Camp run by Mrs Martin’s Quilt Shop up at Monbulk.  Each year I choose a simple project with the goal to get it finished that weekend.  I start the project first thing Saturday morning and generally finish it by midnight that night.  Of course, I have already cut out all the pieces ready to sew before I start.  And I did that with the next patchwork top, though it was the second quilt top that I started that weekend – after I had completed everything I could on the Saturday project.  This was April 2009, and it was the Quilt Camp where I had a monumental migraine!

Apples of Gold - Garden of Posies Quilt

I was able to complete the piecing, but I have yet to do the applique.  I think this is another project that should be completed this year.  This was also the first time that I laid out the fabric and then took a photograph of the layout so that I had a reminder of how it should look.  At the time I had to keep referring to the small picture, but this year I will also take the iPad and the camera connection so that I can view the picture on the larger screen.  Ooh!  What a fantastic thought!  I can also do this when I am at home.  At the moment, I have to transfer any pictures to the iPad from my desktop Mac, as I don’t have the connector – at AUD34 or 39 each, these connectors have not made it to my budget yet!

Day 27

Jo Morton's Little Women

I think I have mentioned before that once a month I go up to Monbulk to attend one of Karen’s Sit and Sew’s.  Well this started several years ago when I joined her miniature club, Jo’s Little Women.  I started on one of the projects, cut out all the fabric, laid it our and did not like one of the fabrics – it was too similar to the others, so cut out the new fabric and got no further!  I think I need to get back to this project.  I cannot see it taking too long to do.

And now, once again, I am very close to being caught up.

Until tomorrow…

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