31 Days of UFOs and WIPs – the final days

Phew!  What a busy weekend we have just had!  Friday night I went to the movies with DH.  We decided to see The Kings Speech.  What an amazing, inspiring story!  If you have not yet seen it, you really must.  I generally look on all the hype that goes with some films with suspicion, but this one has deserved it and more!

This was followed by a day at The Embroiderer’s Guild, with my former Art for the Stitch Group.  We spent the day looking at bindings and pages for book making.  I will try to get some pics of those up later this week.  Then yesterday my daughters and I joined my mother at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne to watch Mary Poppins.  I absolutely loved this performance.  Wow!

Today is the last day of the school holidays for me, with an early start tomorrow so that I can take my son to swim squad training.  So I really want to finish the series of posts that I have been doing for the month of January.  In February, I will be focussing on something totally different.

So, Day 28

Anne Huntley - Needlebook

Several years ago, I attended a 2 or 3 day course with Anne Huntley from Room for Threads.  The first project that we were to complete was this gorgeous needlebook.  As you can see, not much has been done!  As per usual!  I completed the two slugs and I think something else as well as covering the back of the needlebook card with silk fabric.  Hmmm.  I do remember that this was a gorgeous project.  It really needs to be completed!

Day 29

Thistle Threads - Memories

Aaahhhh, memories!  Both the name of this project and the memories that it brings back.  This was a class that I took with Tricia Wilson Nguyen from Thistle Threads at the last Sampler Gathering.  Back then, using powerpoint to deliver class instructions was not done by many needlework teachers, but as Tricia’s day job did involve her having a very strong grasp of technology, most of her classes included a powerpoint presentation, and a disk with the finishing instructions on it!  Although I enjoyed this particular class, and really wanted to do it, it was not one that I had initially booked into.  I cannot remember the reason why I needed to change – I think there had been an error with my original class registration, but I am glad that I had the opportunity.  Tricia is an amazing designer and teacher and if you ever have the chance to learn from her, grasp it with both hands!

Day 30

Also at A Sampler Gathering I did the Bluebirds and Strawberries Accessories class with Catherine Theron.  This was at the first Sampler Gathering that I attended, and I had decided to do this class as it was a companion piece for the box that I have mentioned in an earlier post, which I also did at this event.

Catherine Theron - Bluebirds and Strawberries Accessories.

Whoops, not much done here either!

And now we come to Day 31.

From my yahoogroups and other things that I have attended over the years, I have had the honour to meet many inspiring people.  One was the late Jean Fletcher.  An amazing woman and an amazing embroiderer.  Jean had originally been more of a woodworker, than an embroiderer, but an accident had left her with permanent injuries, giving her the appearance of having been a stroke survivor.  She had no strength in one of her hands and some activities, including her woodworking and the opportunity to go bushwalking with her equally amazing husband, but this proved to be beneficial to the needlework, especially the stumpwork, world.  I had the opportunity to have a one on one class with this wonderful woman on one of our trips home on home leave.  Jean and her husband had moved into Geelong at around about the same time as we moved out, but we always returned when visiting home.

Jean Fletcher - Stumpwork

Sadly, Jean died several years ago, but not before she had completed the most amazing stumpwork cabinet, beautifully embroidered with Australian birds.  This cabinet now resides at The Embroiderer’s Guild of Victoria in Malvern in a perspex cabinet especially made for it.  You will only ever see it closed, but I have been blessed with seeing the open cabinet.  It is truly wonderful.

So there you go, 31 days of UFOs and WIPs.  Even now I can think of several items that can go on this list, but as these are items that I want to focus on this year, I can wait.

Until next time…

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