31 Days of UFOs and WIPs – the return

I took a couple of extra days off everything to do with computers following my injection and boy am I glad I did.  Yesterday I had shooting sharp pains going through my right arm.  I will be asking the physio about this when I see him on Thursday (or Friday – can’t remember which day it is!)  One of the bonuses is that I had the chance to have a look at what was in one of my baskets in my sewing room.  I currently have a pile of needlework stuff on the floor in the family room to be put away properly in the sewing room, as these items did not belong in my sewing basket.  I had already selected several projects to highlight before the injection, and as a result of cleaning out my basket, located another two…

Day 7

Lizzie Kate - Double Flips with Charm

I can’t remember when I started doing this particular series, nor can I remember the fabric I am stitching it on.  It is definitely a Zweigart base, but whether it is a hand dyed or not, I cannot remember!  I am stitching this design using the threads suggested in the chart and will be completing all 6 parts as one large piece.

Day 8

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow

Carriage House Samplings - Shores of Hawk Run Hollow

When the Hawk Run Hollow Series was started, I was not too sure that I would like these designs.  For one thing, these are BIG designs!  But then Shores was released and I just had to have it!  I think I started stitching in 2008, or it may have even been a Jan 1 start in 2009.  I know I was working on it before Black Saturday.  I am stitching Shores in Needlepoint Inc Silks on the suggested Autumn Gold linen (36ct) from Lakeside Linens.  I love this design, but its sheer size and the fact that I currently cannot locate the rest of the silks has meant that I have had to put Shores on the back burner.  I am just hoping that I have the silks here in the house somewhere, and that I did not leave them someplace by accident.

Day 9

As a result of going through my basket the other day, I located a pincushion that I started years ago.  It is a very simple pincushion and should be finished in the next few days.  The original plan was to complete the pincushion ala Bari J, but I could not remember the designer’s name when I started up my sewing machine on Sunday, so could not go looking for the instructions and have just made a very simple pincushion.  It is still not finished – I need to hand sew it closed, having stuffed it with hobby fill.


Day 10

Jennifer Knol - Dilly Bag

Several years ago, I did a class up at Mrs Martins in Monbulk with Jennifer Knol.  It was an old lace Ditty Bag.  I got the individual panels completed, but then for some reason, stopped!  This project was one of the items in the basket I cleared out the other day.  It is on my list of things to be completed by the end of the school holidays…

As I sit here typing, rain fell, but it is insignificant compared to that falling in Queensland at the moment.  Please keep Queenslanders in your thoughts and prayers, as they endeavour to deal with the devastating floods they are currently enduring.  The latest news is that the current rain events will continue until autumn, meaning that many will be dealing with this for months to come.  On January 26th, Australia Day, The Needlework Boutique will be running a fundraiser.  More details on this will follow, but in the meantime, please help by donating to the Premier’s appeal at Queensland Government.

Until next time …

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3 thoughts on “31 Days of UFOs and WIPs – the return

    1. Thanks Jo, I hope so too. As it is my right shoulder, it also makes it difficult for work. And there are days like today, where I want to stitch but due to the pain in the shoulder am scared to do so. I have even avoided the computer for several days in the hope that things will improve.

      Remember the pile of junk in my study? I am hoping to find the Yazzii bag containing those silks in there!

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