31 Days of WIPs and UFOs – Days 11 and 12

Yesterday I made a small mistake – I had forgotten that we were up to Day 11.  Oops!

Day 11

Back when I still lived in The Netherlands, I bought the silks and beads that I needed to complete The Needle’s Content Spanish Geometric Sampler.  I absolutely love both this one and Annemiek’s Spanish Flower Sampler.  I am using the silk threads that are called for in the design, but a lovely green fabric hand dyed by Stitches and Spice.  The fabric is an evenweave.  I have not put a stitch in this one for several years.

The Needle's Content - Spanish Geometric Sampler

Day 12

When I placed an order for The Needlework Boutique soon after returning to Australia, I came across Abbey Lane Designs.  I fell in love with this sampler and could not wait to start it.  I did not want to do it in the threads suggested in the chart and with the help from Naomi from Stitches and Spice, put together a group of primarily cotton threads from Dinky Dyes.  I also decided to use one of Naomi’s hand dyed fabrics.  I cannot remember the name of the colour, but it is 32ct linen.

Abbey Lane Designs - New Beginning
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