31 Days of WIPs and UFOs- Days 16, 17 and 18

Right now I should be focussing on writing a newsletter for The Needlework Boutique, but as per usual I am putting it off yet again.  It will need to be completed this morning, but first the next update on the WIPs and UFOs.  Over the weekend I will be looking at the other quilting projects I have that are WIPs and UFOs, mostly UFOs, but for today I will continue with my Cross stitch projects.

Day 16

Catherine Theron - Bluebirds and Strawberries Box

I think it was in 2000 that I attended my first Sampler Gathering in Plymouth Massachusetts.  In an effort to keep the cost down, I attended many of the excursions.  This also gave me the opportunity to visit much of this part of the US, as I was unsure that I would ever make it back there.  Two years later I did, and I then made it back to the States on another 2 occasions, but on this first visit I signed up for 2 classes by Catherine Theron.  One was a needlebook (I think – that is one of the WIPs that I need to locate) and the other was the project in the photo – lining for a lovely Shaker box, the start of my small collection of Shaker boxes.  I have picked this project up several times since 2000, but never for long.  I really must get back to it, as the box is absolutely gorgeous when it is finished!

Day 17

La Chatelaine - PA German Show Towel Motif

Keeping with the theme of A Sampler Gathering, one of the events involved the designers who taught there providing everyone with a small kit reflective of their design style.  I don’t think I attended this event in 2000, but at the last ever Gathering I did.  One of the designers was Lucy Lyons Willis of La Chatelaine designs.  She had been doing a lot of research into German Showtowels, and shared some of the information with us.  Such as the fact that you can find these beautiful finger towels in pristine condition because they were generally not used, but only for show.  Her ornament consisted of a motif from one of these towels.  Following that particular trip, this small project was my handbag project for many months, even being taken to Tuscany where I can remember working on it in Lucca while the children played in the playground.  I cannot recall why I put this project aside, and as it is such a gorgeous little project, I really need to consider finishing it this year.

Day 18

Just Nan - Dragonfly Scissors Purse

Although I have more projects from A Sampler Gathering to include here, at the moment they are in a box in my sewing room and I really need to locate them.  I will need to take the labeller up there later so I can label the boxes with their contents, making it easier for me to locate what I want without having to open every box to find it!  The last project I will be introducing here today is Just Nan’s Dragonfly Scissors Purse/Case.  I think I started stitching this about 3 years ago.  I really love it, and it is actually quite easy, but for whatever reason (I seem to be repeating that statement, don’t I?) I put the project aside and went on to something else.

So, now we are up to Day 19, which I will cover tomorrow.  I have purposely not talked about the floods today as I have not got the most up to date information.  I know that some small townships, such as Jeparit, are now preparing for the coming floodwater, and Kerang, Warracknabeal and Dimboola are still dry.  Dimboola is still in grave danger, as the engineers have determined that the weir wall is weakened, and may still fail, but for today, the people of those townships are winning their fight.  Please keep the people of these townships in your prayers and thoughts over the coming days…

Until next time…

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