Final Finishes for 2010

I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I have not been posting on here for the last week because I desperately wanted to finish at least one project before the end of 2010!  And I succeeded on New Years Ever!  Phew!

My 2nd last finish for 2010 was the small Christmas Motif, Santa Claws.  I got the stitching done, but not the “finishing”.  I am a bit scared to wash it because of the red thread and how old the kit was!  But it desperately needs washing!

Santa ClawsIsn’t he sweet?  And one of the few cats that are allowed in this house!  I am a dog person, through and through!  LOL.

I have been talking about her all year, or so it seems, and finally I can put Ellen Myerscough to bed … well just about!  I finished her on New Years Eve.  She could probably also do with a wash, but I am a not sure that the Birds of a Feather linen that I used is colour fast, and I do love the colour.  the very pale lettering is supposed to be almost unseen, and in fact, I think the linen I chose has made it more visible than the charted version.  So without further ado, here she is …

Ellen Myerscough
Ellen Myerscough

I love the small needlework tools that you can get, and often when I get them, I wonder if I will use them.  I bought the lovely wooden thread holder at a Stitches and Craft several years ago and had never used it.  I then decided to use it for Ellen, but was worried that I would not know which thread was which.  Then I realised that if I loaded the threads onto the holder in the same order as they appear in the key, there should be no problem, and there wasn’t.  It was a great way to store the threads while I was stitching this gorgeous sampler.

I would really love to have some advice from my readers about whether or not to wash Ellen.  The silk that I used is washable (don’t you just love that aspect of Needlepoint Inc Silks?), but as I said earlier, I am not sure about the linen.  If you have any advice you want to share, please comment.

Just a quick note before I leave you – today I will be posting a total of 3 times.  This is because everything I want to share would make for one very long post, and would be quite picture heavy, slowing download times for readers.  So I will return later today with my first 2 UFO’s for the January theme, and my January 1 starts.

Until later…

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