January 1 Challenge

On the first of January I tend to start some new projects.  I generally try to only start the ones I would like to finish in the near future, but often they end up entering my UFO pile.  (My next 2 or 3 UFO’s started life as a Jan 1 challenge!)  This year I started FIVE new projects – and after finishing the first two UFO’s I need to work on one or more of these!

The first project I started was a PINN kit that I had bought on one of my visits to the UK while we were living overseas.  So I have had the kit for at least 7 years!  I got quite a bit of the first petal on the main flower stitched.


Yes, it is stitched on AIDA.  Much to my horror!  Since starting to stitch samplers about 10 years ago, I almost never touch Aida.  Don’t get me wrong.  Aida has its place, but while I can still see the holes to stitch, I will be working on linen.

My second project was Blackbird Designs’ Snow Garden.

Blackbird Designs - Snow Garden

I have inserted the picture here as a large picture, because it is so hard to see the stitching that was done on the smaller version.  I am using R&R Cafe Korma linen and the threads that are listed with the chart.  Although not listed today on the website, this design and others from the same series are available from The Needlework Boutique.  My reasons for stitching this design are two fold.  I am stitching this series for my oldest daughter – she will be 12 this year so this is 12 small samplers to celebrate.  Of course, I will be stitching the 2 bonus charts as well, but they will be given to her at a later time.  The other reason for stitching this design is that it will become one of my models for the shop.

Project Number 3 is Berthe Massiet by Reflet du Soie.  Berthe has been sitting in The Needlework Boutique for some time now, and I absolutely love her.  So again, I will be stitching her for two reasons.  The first is as a model, and the second is to eventually grace my walls.

Reflet Du Soie - Berthe Massiet

Argh!  What an awful picture.  After spending some time stitching, frogging, stitching, frogging, stitching, I realised that I had started Berthe 1 inch to far in!  So I will need to remove the very start and extend the border out about another inch.  I am not looking forward to that job!  I cannot remember what linen I am working with, but I do know that I am working with DMC floss with this design.

Project 4 was Cherished Works from With My Needle.  Originally published in the newsletter for the now defunct Historic Needlework Guild, I bought the kit from the said guild about 8 years ago and have never gotten around to starting it.  Well, I finally did on Saturday evening.

With My Needle - Cherished Works

As you can see, not a lot of stitching completed on this one.

At about 11.30pm I prepared to start my final piece for New Year’s Day – it is from Tempus Fugit’s SALexandre from several years ago.  My rules were that everything had to be found in my stash.  I am going to have to break the rules a bit, as I don’t think I have the right purple for lining everything.  I was hoping that I had several skeins of red silk, but ended up going with Mediaeval Mulberry from Silk n Colors.


Again, not a lot of stitching done.

Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “January 1 Challenge

    1. Hi Ellen,

      I definitely will. But don’t get your hopes raised too high, I am afraid. Have you seen the progress on Tokens of Friendship? Not much progress there I am afraid, but then last year I did not get much of anything done!

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