A sting in the tail

As Queenslanders were preparing for the looming disaster that Cyclone Yasi was promising to be, Victorians were praying along with the rest of the world that the battered state would be spared the worst, and though the people of Mission Bay and Tully would disagree, it would appear that Queensland got off fairly lightly, with minimum loss of life.  Sadly, a number of towns and hamlets that were in the path of the force that was Yasi were totally destroyed.  But Yasi was not finished.  For what we Victorians did not realise was that Yasi had a vicious kick to its tail!  Combining with a weather front coming from the west, Yasi (and its smaller pal Anthony) paid Victoria a visit, wreaking havoc and causing flash flooding across our fair state.  Let me put this into perspective for my foreign readers.  It is like saying that a major weather event that has attacked Portugal has gone on to affect The Netherlands, or one that has affected Florida is also affecting New York City!

Even here, in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, we had a number of flood events to contend with.  Down the road from me, I am sure that the residents of a block of flats were inundated with flood water as the creek across the road not only broke its banks, but cut the road!  Landslides occurred, blocking a major highway, and people all over Melbourne had to deal with the flooding in their neighbourhoods.

Our own home was lucky.  There are too many buildings further up the hill, so the water tended to take the path of least resistance.  The photos that I will be showing you are of the water flowing through our property.

Our Backyard - Feb 5 2011

In this first photo, you can see what looks to be a huge puddle of water.  In actual fact, this water was flowing downhill, and just to the left of the picture, it was flowing over a restraining wall, forming a small waterfall.

Our Backyard - Feb 5 2011

From this photo you can see how dark it was.  This photo was taken at around 10 in the morning.  Later in the day it cleared up and by Sunday the sun was out again.

The water that you can see in this photo is rushing down a path that runs about 1.5m from our boundary.  Normally you would probably be able to see the 10cm high edging, but here, only muddy water!

The Neighbours

Can you see the water rushing down the path at the neighbours?

The Neighbours

Maybe this is a better photo?  Where that water is rushing down is normally a concrete footpath leading to the back of their property.

We survived – we don’t think we got any water in the house, but at this stage we are unsure, as the next day we smelt a very suspicious smell that seemed to indicate that some water had gotten in somewhere.  As yet, there is no evidence, and hopefully it will have dried by now.

By the way, congratulations to Lainie from Strathpine, for making the winning bid on The Needlework Boutique’s offering to the flood appeal auction.  Your parcel is now on its way.  Happy stitching.

Until next time …

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