means back to the day job.  After a very cool (and wet) January, February has started with a steamer!  Apparently the top temperature today hit 40C just before the cool change came in!  Oh what fun!  Fortunately, I was back at work and as today was a curriculum day, got to spend it in nicely air conditioned comfort.  However, typical Victorian weather – we get the heat just when school goes back.

Over the past month I have been redoing my studio/sewing room yet again.  This time transforming it the way I would have like to last year, with Expedit shelves, a new day bed (it is still to come) and a nicely set up sewing centre.  As a result, I have located a lot of projects that I always intended to start, and am struggling to find room for everything on my shelves.  Well, the rule is that I cannot have more than what fits on the shelves (I am allowed one more 2×4 unit.  So if I want some new stuff, I must start finishing the old.  Hence the focus on the WIPs and UFOs, and, while there was not a focus on it, all the projects in waiting.  I am not far off being finished LHN’s Neighbourhood, and when I do finish it, I need to get straight on to Sophie’s Roses.

So, I have declared this year, 2011, to be the year of the great STASH BUST!

Until next time…

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