Monbulk Quilt Show

How I would love the energy and organizing ability of the wonderful Karen from Mrs Martin’s Quilt Shop in Monbulk!!! Over the last few years Karen has been organizing an annual quilt show as a fundraising event for the local Fire Brigade. For various reasons I have not been able to attend on previous occasions. But this year was different. I had already been planning to go to The Patchwork Teahouse in Warburton to pick up some specific fabrics for a quilt that I am hoping to work on at the annual Mrs Martin’s Quilt Shop retreat. So I decided that my first stop would be Monbulk.

Planning to arrive at 9.30am for the opening of the show, I expected there to be very few waiting to enter. Imagine my surprise to find a long queue! How I received the hundredth goodie bag I don’t know, because I could have sworn that more than 100 ladies had entered before me!

I lost count of the gorgeous quilts, from the first project of 2 9 year old girls to the colourwash gift to an elderly friend, the quilts were many and varied. I chose not to give a viewers choice. Who do you choose? Those 2 young girls? The lady whose first quilt contained not only lots of beautifully sewn points, but also curves! The magnificent Baltimore quilt that took the maker many years to do? Or what about the stunning quilts by quilt teacher Jennifer Knol?

Also present were members of the Tatting Guild, the Red Hat ladies, Westerlee Rulers, Gail Pan, the CWA and a number of other businesses, with the local CFA providing a sausage sizzle.

Congratulations Karen, on another successful quilt show!

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