The Month That Went

What happened to February? I wish I knew. I have not updated the site, though I have some new charts, and loads of Crescent Colours to enter, nor have I updated my blog since Cyclone Yasi hit!

I am so sorry that I have not commented on the dreadful earthquake in Christchurch. Words fail me. What do you say to the people from the nation so close to your own? I’m sorry? My condolences? These words are not enough to explain the sorrow and horror I feel for what our neighbors are dealing with. I can only pray. Pray for those we have lost, those who have lost everything, and those who must now embark on the journey of recovery.

I hope to be back over the weekend as I get around to uploading photos and manipulating them following my adventures in Feb. But first, I must fill orders from the store…

Until next time


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