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AQC Purchases

Took me about a month to decide that I was going to visit this year’s AQC at the Exhibition Buildings.  In some ways, I am glad I did.  I was able to hear Jinny Beyer speak about her philosophy about colour choices for quilters and placed the magazine Studios on a 12 month subscription, as well as purchasing not only the sets of hexagons for my hexagon quilt, but also the template for the fabric.  But the crowds!  Have I ever mentioned that I HATE crowds?  With a passion.  If I had not already paid to go to the Jinny Beyer seminar, I may have left much earlier than I did.  Saying that, I can recommend this expo for quilters, as it is full of wonderful products.  There are 2 quilts that I absolutely must get the patterns for from Somerset Quilting (one being the Briar Rose Cherry Ripe Quilt), and of course, Threadbear had the “Oh Dear Mrs Tomkins aka The Burnt Quilt” reproduced by Di Ford (I bought this pattern!).

And as mentioned before, I bought what I need for a hexagon quilt.  But I am not planning on making one, but a total of 3. I think it is time that both my girls learnt how to sew!

AQC Purchases

First, though, I will need to go through my stash and prepare the fabric so the girls can work on their quilts with me.  The younger daughter has her fabric already, I just have to put together some fabric for my older daughter.

Although I found the crowds difficult to bare, I had an absolutely fantastic day.  So it was with much disappointment that I read on the QFD blog this morning, and then on Thornberry’s blog, that one of the exhibitors, Nicole Malalieu had one of her models stolen. I wish this was an unusual occurrence, but sadly it is not.  I am hoping that by joining in with others in the blogospere and posting a picture of the bag that was stolen on my blog, not only can we get this bag back – in the condition in which it was in when it was stolen, but that by making it known that this dreadful thing happens, we can discourage people from stealing.  To the miscreant – that gorgeous bag that you so admired that you had to have it, may not be worth the cost of the pattern and the fabric to you, but it is worth much more than that to the designer!  And ultimately to our industry.  Please return it.


Thank you Cam for producing the button so we can pass the message along.

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