Grampians Texture – Revisited

At the end of February, yes, more than a month ago, I went to Halls Gap for a weekend of Textile FUN!  Last November I enrolled in a class by Robyn Henwood on lino printing on fabric.  In January, we were sent a longlist of requirements (or so it seemed to me), and I started to slowly collect the things that we needed to complete the class.  I had already bought some good quality lino cutting tools several years ago, but had never used them.  But there were a lot of other things that I needed.  I was really lucky in that the design that I decided to use in my lino cutting/printing, I had drawn back when I did the Art for the Stitch course.

After arriving in Halls Gap on the Friday night and going to bed reasonably early, I had a very early start, picking up breakfast at a local cafe.  It was nice, but expensive.  I headed over to the Baptist Camp, where our event was being held, expecting to be one of the first to arrive.  Although I was not the last to arrive, I was by no means one of the first!  I found my table and set up ready to start the class.  After being shown what we were doing and guided in how to manipulate our lino pieces, we set down to do a practice piece.  I decided to use a portion of the design that was going to be on my final fabric.  I decided to print this one on silk fabric, especially as I knew it needed to be steamed before I could do anything else with it.  I cannot remember off hand what the brand of silk dye that we used was, and I only did the one piece.

Small Lino Block
Small Lino Block

Once I was comfortable with working with the lino, I proceeded onto the larger (15cm x 15cm) block.  This I planned to use on the calico and use Permaset paint.

Large Lino Block
Large Lino Block - not quite complete

The calico was to be printed in such a way that I was going to make a bag from the calico to show my students what could be done.

Lino Printed Calico
Lino Printed Calico

Unfortunately, this is as far as I have taken the bag so far.  However, I think I had better get it finished before school goes back after Easter.  This may be one of my projects for next weekend I think.

Among other things, I learnt how easy it is to lino print both cotton and silk fabrics, how to easily steam set the silk dyes and how to paint silk.

At the end of the weekend, we had an opportunity to display what we had done, and what others did in their classes.  This was our table …

Our Table

Our tutor, Robyn Henwood, with 2 of my fellow class mates either side of her.  If you ever have a chance to take a class with Robyn, I can highly recommend it.  She was fantastic.  In fact, I am planning to do her 2 day class next year.

It was a fantastic weekend, and I can highly recommend Grampians Texture to anyone!

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