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Yesterday I showed the finished pincushion that I had started several years ago.  In the picture to the left are a number of other, simple, pincushions that I have made or received over the last few years, including the one designed by Bari J that I made for my daughter.  This year I am teaching textiles to Year 8 students and their very first project was a pincushion.  As I want to demonstrate to them that the pincushion can be so much more than 2 squares sewn together, I have been looking at a number of online tutorials, from which I am choosing some to make as models

Moda Bake Shop is always an excellent source for a number of patterns, and I love this Sugar Cube Pincushion.  Another pincushion that I love on the same site is the Peppermint Swirl Pincushion.  There are a number of tutorials on the web for the Charming Pincushion #1, but why wander off to another website when this one is so rich with tutorials.  Finally from the same website is the gorgeous Log cabin blocks cube pincushion.

As a cross stitcher, I will play with the mattress style pincushion.

A very simple pincushion is this one.  I have made several variations of the same pincushion, but what I particularly love is the demonstration of how to sew the button on in the centre so that the beginning and ending threads remain hidden, and the button does not fall off!

So as you can see, there are loads of fantastic pincushion tutorials, but be careful of the terms you enter into the search engine.  And if you want to see the amazing plethora of pincushions out there, have a look at the Pincushion group on Flickr!

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