Blog posts has been a bit slow here over recent times. I do apologize for that. My day job saps a lot of my energy, and what is left often goes towards the after school activities of my children.

Because of this, I have recently bought the camera connection for my iPad, but am still learning how to post pictures from the iPad onto the blog.

But I have recently come to the conclusion that I need to aim for a weekly post during term time, followed by more posts during school holidays.

The last few weeks have been particularly busy, with Major assessment tasks for my year 12s, my Grandfather passing and various miscellaneous family commitments. I currently have a post that I am working on on my desktop that is talking about my trip to Halls Gap back in February. By the time this is finished, I will be ready to talk about the quilt retreat that I am going on this year. And I have so much to talk about from March, to say nothing of my finishes since the start of 2011.

Hopefully I will be able to deliver an update in this weekend.

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