Happiness is …

As I sit here in my front room, having just had a blitz on decluttering a little of the junk one accumulates, I glance out the windows at the beautiful trees in my yard.

There, among the evergreen gums, are our lovely deciduous liquid ambers. The changing colours of the leaves keep drawing my eye in their direction, with their summer green, and autumnal yellow and burnt orange, I sit here, peacefully reading, thinking about the beautiful mid autumn day we have just had. And what am I reading? I have in my hands the Feb/Mar/Apr 2011 edition of Where Women Create and I am reading Jo Packham’s editorial ‘From my kitchen table’ where she talks about happiness. Jo mentions a friend describing happiness as contentment, and this was something that really resonated with me. For it is a peaceful contentment that I feel as I glance out my window at that beautiful tree.


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