Sunday Sewing Basket

Today I took some time out to finish a small project I started in the school holidays. At the Monbulk Quilt show Gail Pan introduced several new designs. Of course i had to purchase 3 of these designs. In the lead up to the April Quilt Camp, I had no idea what I was going to give my Dear Jane gift recipient. Then on the way to work on the last day of term, I had a brainwave! Why not give my Jane the Butterfly Dilly Bag? And kit it up with all the fabrics and threads! So, as soon as I got home, I proceeded to get the kit ready, but there went my pattern! But never worry, Mrs Martin had another pattern for me to buy! When I returned home after the quilt camp, I sat down with the pattern and proceeded to do the butterfly embroidery on linen fabric. And that was as far as I got, until today.

I chose to use some blues from Blackbird Designs Nell’s Flowers range from my stash and got the machine out. All I need now is the cord and the dilly bag is finished, but it is already in use, holding the embroidery threads I am using for Down in the Garden.


Until next time …


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