A Friendly Suggestion

As I sit here, marking tests, prac reports and assignments in preparation for writing 150 reports, I have my iPod going in the background (I currently have it docked), with the music set to shuffle.  To break up the boredom and the frustration, I have been looking at various blogs.  I usually read blogs through Google reader, but today, I am going straight to the blog page.  I don’t have music on my blog, but I know that some people do.  I don’t have a problem with that.  In fact sometimes, I will listen to what you have chosen, and it may influence an iTunes purchase.  What I do have a problem with is having to scroll down the whole page just to turn it off.  Fur Elise clashes terribly with Shania Twain!  If I don’t have something specific that I am looking at, I am more likely to skip your blog. Today I have been scrolling down the page.

All I am asking is that you move the music widget higher up your sidebar.  Please.


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