Remember in January I posted about the projects that I had started but were sitting in various UFO piles?The 10th project I spoke about was the Jennifer Knol Ditty Bag.  At the time it was still in lots of pieces.  Well, here you see it almost finished.  Almost you say?  Why show it now?  Welllll, it would be finished if I completed the casing the way that Jen Knol suggests.  But I don’t like the way she did the casing, so I am going to do the casing in the same way that I have done it on the next two finishes I have to show.  I finished this bag back in February.  I know, a long time ago, I just kept forgetting to photograph it – I have a number of projects where I need to photograph them, but I finished them ages ago.  I took this bag to school to show some of my students, and some of the girls in one of my classes liked it so much, they chose to make their own.  Not the same, but they were able to do a fantastic design of their own!

 Do you like the beaded braid at the top of the bag.  I just love it.  It really finishes the bag off, don’t you think.  Now I just need to do the drawstring and it is finished.

The second picture just shows you another side to the bag.

The second bag that I worked on this year was the Oma Project Bag.  I cannot recall the designer off hand, but it is one of the well known Australian designers.



I used a number of different fat quarters, before lining the bag with a fabric from the Fig Tree “Patisserie” range.  It is this bag that has influenced the fabrics I subsequently chose for the patchwork top I made at Quilt camp in April.  The casing I used here is the type of drawstring casing I am planning to use for the Ditty Bag.


And finally here is the Jelly Roll Project bag I made using the Patisserie Jelly Roll.  I have developed a real love affair with this fabric, and even now am planning to use the remnants to make a couple of applique cushion covers.  The first picture is of the front of the bag, with the second picture being the back of the bag.  I had completed it, but the casings were not sewn on correctly, so all I need to do now is fix the casings, thread the drawstring through and voila, it is done.


So I have been busy this year – 3 bags, 4 stuffed toys, at least one patchwork top and some cross stitch, all completed.  And I have made significant progress on some more cross stitch, another patchwork top and the embroidery on the Down in the Garden Quilt.

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