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Over the past week, in between sewing soft toys for work (have I ever mentioned that making softies just does not appeal to me?) I have been trying to get my studio presentable for this weekend’s Where Bloggers Create blog party.  Last year you may remember that my studio looked like this …

Sewing Table

and this…

table in front of window.

and finally do you remember this in the room…

Sofa bed

Well, the sofa bed had a broken back, the fabric was worn and it really did take up a lot of room.  It was difficult to get into some of the shelves in the wardrobe, and I really felt that I could get a lot more space by replacing the sofa bed with a day bed with storage underneath for the bedding and by removing the wardrobe.  And I have.  However, our son is already over 6ft (he is only 13! Those who know me, know that I am tall and I come from a tall family – My father is 6ft 4.5inches and my brother is 6ft6in.  My husband, while much shorter than they are, is also over 6ft), and we were able to pick up a king single for a reasonable price, so his old bed went into the studio as the spare bed.  The underneath storage still has to be worked out – and will now have to include space for hobby fill!

So, in this is what the bed looked like a week ago…

Studio Bed
Studio Bed

And the table…

Studio Table

The floor …

Studio Floor

And as I have been moving all of my books related to needlework to the studio, this is how the shelves looked a week ago…

Studio Shelves

Hopefully by the end of today I will be ready to post some new photos of the studio, for the Where Bloggers Create blog party, if not they will be here tomorrow morning, when the light will hopefully be better (we are in the middle of winter here, and the have had some very dull days lately).


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2 thoughts on “In the Studio

  1. What a fun visit. I love the floral bedspread! And how great you were able to get the King bed! I’m not that tall but I often sleep on a short twin bed when visiting friends and I know how frustrating it can be so that is awesome. And all those great books. I have several stacks of books just like that. I keep thinking I should pop them into the attic but I know if I put them there I’ll NEVER remember to get to them and with them out, at least I do remember to dip into them sometimes for new ideas for easy crafts for my grand kids and us seniors.

    Thanks for a fun and lovely visit for the blog party. Have a lovely week!

    1. thank you. We have had the quilt for a number of years now, having bought it at Ikea while we still lived in Europe. I LOVE Ikea!

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