Last week I blogged about the bags made by some of my students.  Today I will be talking about the soft toys.  Yep, those things that I DONT DO!   

Polar Bear

Following the completion of their boxer shorts (some of which will no doubt make the bin!) the students are then given the opportunity to make their own soft toy. For almost all of the students this is their first time reading a pattern, as the instructions for the bag is basically come to us and we will tell you the next step, and for the boxers we have a demonstration of each step up on the board. Not all the students are able to decipher a pattern, so there are requests coming from everywhere for my help.  The girl who made the polar bear pictured was no exception, but once she was told what to do, she got on with it and did an absolutely fantastic job.  She was the first student in this class to finish her stuffed toy.  I had another girl, the owner of the teddy bear bag, who also finished quite quickly.  They had 8 more periods (2 doubles and 2 singles).  What was I to do?

Knowing that we had some embroidery hoops and floss, and plenty of scrap fabric, I encouraged the girls to make some pincushions…


This design for this pincushion came from Plumcute.  The student was able to choose the threads from a VERY limited range.  I think she chose really well.  I then started the stitching for her and she just ran with it, completing the embroidery in next to no time.  She was stitching on some calico that had been previously hand dyed by herself, or a classmate.  I had her start with the stems, as these were the easiest.  She then did the bow, before going on to do the flowers.  In her second last class she had completed the pincushion.

Except for the fact that, like all teenagers, she wanted it DONE NOW!!!!, this particular student most definitely took to textiles over the course of 20 weeks.  Next semester these students will be doing Home Economics (cooking), and I will get to start with 2 new groups.

Stuffed Toy, Boxers and Pincushion.

Well done Miss C.

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